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Elkhart County Clubhouse

114 S. Fifth St.
Goshen, IN 46528

8:30am-5pm Mon-Fri

Phone & fax: (574) 971-5210

Welcome to Elkhart County Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a community where people who have a persistent mental illness can come to rebuild their lives. We offer support for education, or for returning to the workforce through a variety of entry-level positions. We opened in May 2012 and we received accreditation from Clubhouse International in May 2013.

Key aspects of Clubhouse include:

The work ordered day provides opportunities for meaningful work within the clubhouse setting.

Employment programs assist members in finding opportunities for paid employment.

Social and recreational programs help members connect and find friendship.

Educational assistance enables members to achieve educational goals that were disrupted by illness.

Community support assists members in acquiring affordable housing, disability benefits, and other services.

Reach out calls and visits help clubhouse members stay in touch and show mutual care and support.

Decision making and governance involves members and staff working together to develop clubhouse plans and policies.

Benefits for the community

Clubhouse provides tangible benefits to the wider community. The recovery-based model of care enables people with a mental illness to avoid expensive hospital visits and to remain off the streets and out of jail. Giving members opportunities to achieve their social, financial, and vocational goals results in documentable benefits for their community.

Higher employment The clubhouse model yields higher rates of employment, longer job tenure, and higher earnings than traditional programs do.

Reduced hospitalization Studies show that clubhouse members have fewer hospital stays, and the stays they do have tend to be shorter.

Reduced incarceration Involvement with the criminal justice system is substantially diminished during and after clubhouse membership.

Improved well-being Members report they have close friendships and people they can rely on when needs arise.

Cost effectiveness Clubhouse lowers costs by 50-66% when compared to other common models that deliver services to people with a mental illness.

Come visit us!

We welcome visits and would be glad to give you a tour. Feel free to stay for lunch in our dining hall. You can't really know clubhouse without spending some time here.

How do I join?

Membership is open to anyone 18 or older with a history of mental illness who does not pose a current significant threat to the general safety of the clubhouse community. Any person diagnosed with a mental illness who attends clubhouse becomes a member without time limits and no dues.

Join the Club

Accreditation! A team from Clubhouse International visited in late April 2013, and on May 21, 2013 (one day before our 1-year anniversary) we received word that we have been given a three-year accreditation. Thanks to everyone for helping!

View pictures and a video from our 1-year anniversary open house held June 7, 2013.

New Building on S. Fifth St. in Goshen

Elkhart County Clubhouse makes its home in this building on S. Fifth St. in Goshen. We are grateful for the generous support we have received from former owners Karl and Elaine Lehman. We will soon be initiating our capital campaign for renovation and will need your continued support as we move forward.

Meet Jonathan...


"I've had great friends, a supportive and loving family, and amazing doctors. I got incredibly lucky. Even with their support, life has still been an enormous struggle for me. For people with a mental illness, living a life of wellness shouldn't depend on luck!

That's one of the reasons Clubhouse is so vital. Clubhouse is geared around work and relationships. What you offer and contribute matters and you are valued because you have gifts, and potential, and you deserve every opportunity to pursue dreams. That's the message for every single person who walks through the doors of Clubhouse."

Emergency: If you need immediate help, call 911.
Hospital: If you want to contact Oaklawn hospital, call 533-1234.
”Warm-line”: If you want someone to talk to or want info about clubhouse, call 574-202-3920.