Staff Job Description

A Clubhouse is designed to support and build community for members living with mental illness. Generalist staff work side-by-side with members to provide access to opportunities for individuals to rejoin the worlds of friendship, employment and education, and to the services and support they need to continue their recovery. Clubhouse colleague (member and staff) relationships are different than typical in social work. Instead of professional/client boundaries, Clubhouse relationships are formed through working together toward common goals. Clubhouse work is shaped by the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs. ECC is an accredited Clubhouse through Clubhouse International,


The Standards include:

10. Clubhouse staff have generalist roles.  All staff share employment, housing, evening and weekend, holiday and unit responsibilities. Clubhouse staff do not divide their time between Clubhouse and other major work responsibilities that conflict with the unique nature of member/staff relationships.


15. The work-ordered day engages members and staff together, side-by-side, in the running of the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse focuses on strengths, talents and abilities; therefore, the work-ordered day must not include medication clinics, day treatment or therapy programs within the Clubhouse.


20. Members have the opportunity to participate in all the work of the Clubhouse, including administration, research, enrollment and orientation, reach out, hiring, training and evaluation of staff, public relations, advocacy and evaluation of Clubhouse effectiveness.


32. The Clubhouse has recreational and social programs during evenings and on weekends. Holidays are celebrated on the actual day they are observed.

Specific duties and tasks of Clubhouse Generalists:


1) Engage members side-by-side in all aspects of the Clubhouse work-ordered day from opening to close. 

     A) Develop productive non-hierarchical working relationships with colleagues.

     B) Identify members who aren’t engaged in Clubhouse work through in-house engagement and reach-out, and utilize their strengths, talents, and abilities to engage them in the work-ordered day.

     C) Work with members to develop projects to engage members in Clubhouse work.

2) Facilitate member involvement in all aspects of Clubhouse work.

     A) Encourage participation with inclusive processes to involve all colleagues in decision-making, and in house and unit meetings.

     B) Learn to know skills and specialties of individual members.

3) Assist members with securing and maintaining employment.

     A) Assist with coverage and management of TE positions.

     B) Assist with developing and supporting members in TE/SE jobs.

     C) Engage in advocacy with employers when requested by members.

     D) Assist members with applications and preparation for interviews.

     E) Help members identify their employment goals

4) Assist members with identifying and pursuing educational goals.

5) Work alongside members to identify needs and provide community support.

     A) Working according to Clubhouse standards and our policies, assist with transportation, moving, housing support, and navigating health care and benefits.

     B) Ensure members are involved in community support.

     C) Assist members to find community resources.

6) Participate in evening, weekend, and holiday programs. 

     A) Work one (occasionally two) weekend recreations each month, an evening rec each month, and four of six major holidays each year.

     B) Coordinate compensatory time-off with the Director and other staff to keep weekly work hours to 38-40.

     C) Engage members in planning and executing social/rec activities.


We may ask you to participate in 2-3 week training at a Clubhouse training base. At times, you will be asked to participate in out-of-town Clubhouse functions.



We expect energy, creativity and flexibility from Clubhouse Generalists. You will need to be able to work in an unstructured environment with a wide range of colleagues and a wide range of tasks, some menial. You will focus on applying the Clubhouse Standards in practical ways to engage members in all the work of the Clubhouse, without necessarily seeing immediate results. You will need to be diplomatic and empathetic, able to stay calm and de-escalate conflict without taking it personally or becoming enmeshed. You will need to have a high ability to do self-care.

Staff salaries are competitive with comparable positions in the mental health field.

Please familiarize yourself with Clubhouse and the Clubhouse International Website:  and Elkhart County Clubhouse:

Thank you for your interest!

Contact Rich Meyer, Director, 574-971-5210 or 202-3920